(Be)Musings on the Road to Fitness

(Be)Musings on the Road to Fitness

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Six: Kickin' It Up a Notch

It appears I am not the only member of my family who struggles with fitness...
(Featuring Spencer, the World's Fattest Cat, and Bike Guy, too!)
But some things just can't be counted as exercise. (At least not for humans...)
(Kim-Com, 2012)

Well, here we are at the completion of six weeks of regular exercise. Just prior to January 1, 2012 (and try not to judge me here…), I had deceived myself into thinking that simply cleaning the house constituted a vigorous exercise routine. The fact that it made me sweat was embarrassingly evident, but still… 

Then, as I embarked on this little journey, the focus was on building a habit, and I would accept any decent walk or bike ride as a workout, as long as I sweated profusely (which didn’t seem to take much).  But here’s the part that stinks:  Six weeks in, although I am feeling much better overall, I have not yet lost any significant weight.  It is apparent that more may be required of me, if I actually want to drop pounds.  (Newsflash!  Duh… )  Increasing my exercise-times-per-week would be good, but time does not currently permit that.  So, over the last week or so, I have begun trying to make my workouts either longer, or more intense. (Food is another matter for discussion, but more on that another day.)
On Monday, my trusty Walking Friend (the WF) was unable to walk with me, so I told her I would get a “sub” for that day (but that she would have to do a Makeup on Friday!).  My sister-in-law, Fit-Sis (sister of Bike Guy) is always game for something new, and agreed to meet me for a walk.  As her name suggests, she is quite fit, and works out regularly, but she does most of her workouts at the gym.  So, she was happy to “mix it up” a bit, and we walked for 90 minutes, up and down hills.  It’s amazing how much farther I am willing/able to walk when I am with a friend.  Talking: The Great Motivator  (When I’m alone, I have a maddening habit of spending much of my time asking myself if I’ve gone far enough, and whether it’s okay to go back yet.)  Sadly for me, Fit-Sis is a reader of this blog, and immediately figured out what I was doing when I started firing off questions on our first big uphill.  Dang…
Later in the week, in the spirit of kicking it up a notch, the WF and I faced off with (in my opinion at least) The Mother of All Local Walks:

This is the type of street where you walk straight up, with the street turning twice (deceiving you into thinking it’s over, when it IS NOT) as it climbs.  Finally, when you are just about to barf up a lung wear out, you mercifully reach the top.
We had passed Oak Crest on Thursday, after going up several seemingly-steep streets on that day's walk, and talked about attempting it.  However, I had headed out for our walk without eating any of my energy “foods,” and I was having a rough go of it.  Honestly, I have always felt that there is a huge psychological component to these energy foods.  Fact is, though, that whether their benefits are real or imagined, they work for me, so I superstitiously use them when at all possible.
Energy Foods – My Top 3:
Gu gives you instant energy: Pow!  
Jelly Belly Sport Beans are tasty, and work fairly quickly.
Power Bars are tried-and-true, and good for more of a long, slow burn. (Keep in mind that Power Bars are known for giving people gas...  TMI? Yes, but good to know if you’re not already aware of it.  Just keeping it real.  You’re welcome.)
At any rate, we thought this street might be a bit “energetic” for Thursday, and decided to shelve it for "someday," which turned out to be Friday!  We flew up the street and, although it was a tough one, it felt great to get up to the top.  Very “Eye of the Tiger.”

Walking Tip: When hiking up what is arguably the toughest street in the area, do not stop in the middle of the hill and yell out “When is this going to be over????”  This will only waste valuable air, and prolong the torture.
So, in summary: One workout that was longer-than-usual, and two that were more strenuous.  Not a bad start.  I think I’ll go lay down now.

Coming Soon: Broccoli - Friend or Foe?
With a Special Appearance by Broccoli Boy (aka Bike Guy)
Funny Confession Ecard: Whenever I get the urge to exercise I just lie down until the feeling passes.


  1. Walking Friend sounds like an annoying do-gooder. :P

    1. Haha!! Poor WF is not a do-gooder. More like long-suffering. I forced her to do a Makeup!

    2. Oh, and now she wants me to change her Blog Name to the ADG.

  2. You make me laugh!!

    Keep up the good work! Eventually you will notice you are not talking to yourself!



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